Wages for Owner Operators

If you already own your own truck:

Revenue starts at $1.00 a mile for runs to the northeast ( you must load and unload in these areas to get this rate). The first and last load/unload is included, $50.00 each additional load/unload.
R&R is also paying a fuel surcharge on all fuel, the rate does fluctuate with the "National Average" of fuel costs, so call to the office for more  information on the current amount.
The drivers are paid on all dispatched miles, whether deadheading or driving with a load.
R&R also offers a bonus to all owner's who run 125,000 miles or more a year. The bonus is 1 cent/mile for all of the paid miles ran in that year.
Also, License plate fees are the owner/lease operators expense, but R&R offers an incentive, the amount of the licensing is prorated according to the number of years the owner/lease has been leased with R&R.

We require the tractors to be newer then 5 years old and inspections will have to be performed by one of our mechanics that is also Minnesota certified before we can accept the tractor. There is a $2500 up front payment for licensing and permitting (unless your tractor is already licensed). The licensing and permitting can be purchased through R&R Transportation, along with the insurance and paying the road and fuel taxes. These items, if paid through R&R, will be charged back to you over a period of time.




Special Incentive 

R&R  Transportation, Inc. pays extra hauling Hazmat.

If you have any questions please call 1-800-683-0519